How To Buy

Mary’s Mandarin Ducks are NPIP Certified.

The only pair I have left is a hen from 2015 with a drake from 2017. More juvenile pairs will become available in September of 2018.

Adults: Mary’s Mandies are $100 for an adult pair and are available for pick up or delivery throughout the year. Delivery is negotiable and will require an additional fee based upon the distance.* Shipping through USPS is also available during a limited shipping season.**

Ducklings: Ducklings are also available during the spring season for $40 each if you want a 30-day replacement guarantee. Ducklings without the guarantee are $30 each. Ducklings may not be shipped; pickup or delivery is required.

Payment Methods: Cash or PayPal are accepted

To inquire about which ducks are available or any other questions about Mandarins, contact Mary (near Dayton, Ohio) at


*Mary’s Mandies is located near Dayton, Ohio

**Live adult birds may only be shipped when the weather is between 35 to 75 degrees at both the shipping and destination locations. Although the adult ducks will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail Express with a one-day delivery guarantee, the post office does not really guarantee live animals to be delivered in one day. Delivery will be between 24 to 72 hours. You will be required to pickup the ducks immediately upon arrival at the post office near you. A tracking number will be provided to help you plan the date and time of arrival.